Maat Kennel was founded on the love and immense passion I’ve developed for the Alaskan Malamute. This passion stems from the first time I laid my eyes on this breed, one evening in 1996. He appeared to me as a “bear” on a leash, self assured, majestic, and dignified… His name was Rocky (CH. CV Etna Quemusky Of Alyeshka Anoke), and his strength and beauty struck me immediately and it was love at first sight! I decided that would be my dog, my breed… A few days later I had my first puppy bitch, having decided on a female, my beloved “Kuma”, daughter of the same dog I had seen just a few evenings prior. After which, it wasn’t long before I began showing with rich success followed by the first litters of puppies.

Today I can say that my Malamutes have changed my life, and thanks to them I have met many wonderful people that have helped me over the years with their precious guidance which I treasure. One of the most important things I feel is to enstore a good and lasting relationship with whomever acquires a puppy from my kennel, guaranteeing to follow up on his growth, whether it be a loving pet or show prospect. Generally, I produce only one litter per year and every litter is researched and planned based on chosen criteria and deeply studied bloodlines and pedigrees. In fact, I search for the best studs for my bitches, hoping to obtain healthy and strong puppies with the morphological characteristics that best come close to the standard of the breed.

This website has been carefully created to emphasize the passion I nurture for this breed and to showcase the excellent quality of the dogs I own and have bred, thanking their respective owners who have given their contribution in making this possible.